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Dr. Kennedy Brauer

Alternative Solutions Chiropractic
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Your health affects every aspect of your life and at Alternative Solutions Chiropractic we are committed to helping you achieve the highest quality of life possible. We deliver a range of services with options to meet your individual needs.

The staff at Alternative Solutions Chiropractic are professional and courteous, dedicated to putting the patient’s needs first. We care about our patients.


We also sell Doterra essential oils among other supplements!

Have a question? Contact us today at

(618) 228-7722.

Exciting Announcements!!!

4th Annual Bump day this Friday March 22nd!

You do not want to miss the vendors OR the giveaways!!!

Dr. Brauer and Tiffany Muniz CLC, Certified Birth Doula having been working incredibly hard on bring a new course to the area specifically for preparing you to have the best birth possible! 

This class series is called Your Best Birth and the breastfeeding class can be found using the link below! As always, reach out to our office if you have any questions!



We are a cash only office. 

What does cash only mean?

We accept cash, checks, and credit cards. Although we do not accept insurance, we can provide you with the proper forms needed so you can submit them on your own. At this time, we are no longer accepting Medicare patients. 

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