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Mary W.

My family and I have been seeing Kennedy for over a year now. She takes her time with each of us. My husband has always had issues with his back and she makes sure to focus on what area is bothering him the most. Our daughter Brynlee loves going to see her!! She gets constipated at times and she's always been able to help. As for myself, she was my saving grace during my pregnancy with my son! I had lots of back and hip pain during it and she took her time adjusting me and gave me exercises to do at home. Kennedy also adjusted our son William at 3 days old and has been going there ever since. He spit up a lot and even projectile vomited at times. She was a huge help with that. I noticed a difference immediately. She showed me what to do at home when he would start to spit up again. I always recommend Kennedy to anyone looking for a chiropractor, she can help with anything!

Tiffany M.

My entire family has been going to Alternative Solutions for close to 5 years- the atmosphere is amazing and welcoming. Dr. Brauer has made such a difference in my family's quality of life! My husband, myself, and my 5-year-old son have all had lots of issues ranging from knee injuries to tummy troubles to sciatica and Dr. Brauer was able to help with all!  Not only is Dr. Brauer extremely knowledgeable in the physiology of babies, children, and adults, she is such a kind person with a warm, generous heart and goes above and beyond for my family. We're so happy that she is part of our lives and I am extremely thankful for her part in my family's overall and well-being. 

Drew K.

I've been going to Alternative Solutions since 2019 when I was pregnant with my first baby. Two years later and another baby and now my two sons and myself are still going regularly. The atmosphere at Alternative Solutions is unmatched Not only is Dr. Brauer an amazing chiropractor but she also has the most welcoming personality. My kids love the office and everyone who works there. The family atmosphere really makes it so easy to get appointments. I take both kids with me each time we go whether one or all of us is getting adjusted. Dr, Brauer has adjusted away achey pregnancy back, newborn belly troubles, and teething crankiness. She's really there for the whole family and has everyone's best interest in mind. Each time we walk into the office we leave feeling better physically and mentally. It's an amazing place, I wouldn't trust my kids with anyone else. I recommend Alternative Solutions to all my mom/pregnant friends and family. 

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